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The Plight Against Inflation

Have you recently purchased anything and thought back to how much cheaper the price used to be? ⁣ Well, that concept illustrates inflation in economics. Inflation describes the general increase of prices in a society🏷️📈, which equates to your $1 giving you less bang for your buck each year.💲📉😭⁣ ⁣ Last time that I checked, the U.S. inflation rate was 2.2%. This means that any funds that aren't growing by at least 2.2% are declining in value.⁣ ⁣ For example, a $1K savings would have the same buying power as $978 in a year.⁣ ⁣ ⚠️📢 If you're sitting on money in a shoe box or low-yielding account because you're afraid to lose money...I hate to bring the bad news, but... 😩⁣ ⁣ The GOOD NEWS is that you can fight this inflation demon by seeking out return rates that exceed that 2.2% through products like: certificates of deposits, money market accounts, high-yield savings, and many other options. ⁣ You can contact me, if you have any questions about your options! 😊

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