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Get one-on-one assistance with keeping your taxes on track from a dedicated and knowledgeable tax professional.

Fully virtual experience

Upload documents, get personalized assistance, and file your taxes from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone or computer.

Affordable & upfront pricing

Know the cost before you commit! Take advantage of awesome programs, such as Pay What You Can, Pre-payment discounts, $50 cash referrals, pay with your refund, student/military discounts, etc.


Unlimited customer support through scheduled calls or email and text support 7 days a week,





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Owner | Air Force Veteran | Social Entrepreneur

For years, I had been seeking positive content, inspiration, help, and advice about the things that I feel most seriously impact my community. There is a great need of financial literacy and economic empowerment in our communities worldwide. I founded FLY HIGH FAE with a mission to add value to people's lives through education and financial services. 

FHF provides a full-range of affordable services to support your family's pursuit of financial stability and greater freedom. Those services include: professional tax preparation; credit and debt management consulting; budgeting and financial goal-setting support; and financial education resources.

It would be an honor to help you reach your goals. Let's make this journey together. Sign up for a secure client portal to begin using these professional support services that you deserve. Have a quick question? Email me directly below or book your free phone consultation today.




"Flyhigh fae is amazing! I know Lagelica both personally and now on a business level. She's done my taxes and got me started on a better financial path. She's literally a one stop shop! I'm terrible at saving and my credit score was in the slums and I honestly didn't care becasuse I though it would take years to even budge. But now not only has my credit score improved, I've been able to save and manage my money wayyyyyy better! I would recommend her services to anyone who needs guidance or push in the right direction. I've literally contacted her with evey question I could think of and she's always been there. Highly recommended!"


"For those who have yet to do your taxes Lagelica Lloyd is amazing! Cannot recommend enough! Thanks so much for your attention to detail and dedication."


"I've been working with her for about a week now on 3 different returns, so I'm so glad I saw this [IG post] on my feed. @flyhighfae You are awesome!!! Thank you so much for your dedication and your patience."


"I've recently been working with @flyhighfae. She's super efficient and passionate & highly passionate about helping people get on track with their taxes 10/10. Highly recommended"